Ghost Movie 2023

The recently released Kannada action thriller Ghost has been creating quite a buzz. Starring Shiva Rajkumar in the lead, this film promises an intense narrative revolving around one man’s pursuit of justice. Packed with mystery, drama and action, Ghost is sure to give viewers an adrenaline rush. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this movie worth watching.

About Ghost Movie

Release DateOctober 19, 2023
CastShiva Rajkumar, Jayaram, Prashanth Narayanan, Anupam Kher, Archana Jois
DirectorM.G. Srinivas
ProducerSandesh N, Sandesh Nagaraj

Ghost revolves around an anonymous crusader named Big Daddy who takes over a prison to avenge injustice. With hostages trapped inside, ACP Charan Raj is handed the task of dealing with this mission. What follows is a thrilling narrative filled with action, drama and secrets.

What Makes Ghost Film Special ?

  • Engrossing Plot: The story keeps viewers hooked with its air of intrigue in the first half. Big Daddy’s identity and motives remain a mystery throughout.
  • Shiva Rajkumar’s Acting: Shiva Rajkumar delivers a powerful wordless performance as Big Daddy, perfectly suiting his rugged persona.
  • Slick Action: The movie features some slickly choreographed action sequences by stunt director Ravi Varma. The climax confrontation is a highlight.
  • Technical Expertise: Arjun Janya’s thumping background score elevates the narrative’s intensity. The cinematography and editing are decent.
  • Dramatic Twists: The second half has some dramatic twists, as the backstory of Big Daddy is slowly revealed, adding to the intrigue.
  • Cliffhanger Ending: The open-ended climax hints at a possible franchise in the making, keeping scope for a sequel.
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Despite hiccups like logical gaps and underwhelming second half, Ghost manages to deliver a fairly gripping watch, especially for action lovers.

Ghost Movie Critical Reception

Ghost received mixed reviews from critics who felt it had an engaging first half but lagged in the latter part. Here’s an overview:

Times of India3/5Praised performances but felt some scenes were over the top.
Indian Express2.5/5Termed it a partly engaging thriller let down by weak writing.
The Hindu2/5Found the plot interesting initially but lagging in second half.
Deccan Chronicle2.5/5Appreciated action and bgm but criticized lack of logic.

While the critics had issues with the execution, they agreed Ghost works in parts due to Rajkumar’s performance and a handful of compelling sequences.

Where to Watch Ghost Full Movie ?

Ghost released in theaters on October 19th and is still running in some locations. Here are some options to watch it:

Theaters: Check for shows in theaters near you like PVR, Inox, Carnival if the movie is still screening.

OTA Platform: After the theatrical run, Ghost is expected to have its digital premiere on OTT platforms like Zee5, Amazon Prime Video etc.

Satellite TV: The satellite rights are with Colors Kannada. You can watch it when telecast on TV.

Downloading: Ghost will be available on torrent sites to download after its OTT release. But piracy is illegal and harmful.

Watching it on the big screen would be the best way to enjoy those action sequences. If not, wait for its OTT premiere in a few weeks.

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Ghost Movie Booking Tickets Online

You can book Ghost movie tickets conveniently online on apps and get discounts:

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So grab these offers, book tickets online and catch this action thriller on the big screen for an immersive experience.

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On the whole, Ghost can be watched once for its gripping first half, Shiva Rajkumar’s performance and well-executed action scenes. However, weaker writing in the latter part and excessive melodrama hurt its overall impact. But it still makes for a decent theatrical watch for mass audiences and action lovers. Backed by good technical values, Ghost has its moments but just falls short of being a memorable film. Watch it to unravel the mysteries behind Big Daddy’s vengeance.

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