Set to release on October 27, 2023, Lingoccha is an emotional romantic drama directed and written by Anand Bada. Produced by Yadagiri Raju, the film promises to touch hearts with its story of love, heartbreak and missed connections.

Lingoccha Movie Details

Movie NameLingoccha
Release DateOct 27, 2023
DirectorAnand Bada
ProducerYadagiri Raju
CastKarthik Rathnam, Supyardee Singh, Balveer Singh, Thagubothu Ramesh, Uttej

Lingoccha Storyline that Connects the Past and Present

this movie follows an intriguing narrative structure that connects the past and present. In the present day, a man living in Dubai returns to India after many years to visit his old barber. He expresses interest in hearing about a famous love story from the town that he had missed out on.

The barber then narrates the poignant love story between Shiva and Noorjahan that happened in the past. From here, the movie transitions into the flashback romance between the lead pair which forms the emotional core. Their story gets interwoven with the present where the barber narrates the tale to the man in his barbershop.

This unique style of bridging timelines through a conversational format seems promising. Director Anand Bada shared that the idea is to showcase how love remains timeless through the ages. The movie will keep transitioning between the barbershop conversation and the love story to build an impactful narrative.

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Lingoccha Cast Performances to Look Forward To

Lingoccha features some interesting casting choices who are expected to deliver powerful performances. Karthik Rathnam of Kasturi Nivasa fame plays the lead role of Shiva. His intensity and subtlety as an actor will likely portray the love-struck protagonist well.

Popular model and actor Supyardee Singh makes her Telugu debut as Noorjahan. Her graceful beauty and acting chops will lend authenticity to the character.

Senior actors like Uttej and Thagubothu Ramesh in key roles will provide strong support. The casting seems aligned to the unconventional and grounded tone of the love story.

Technical Aspects and Lingoccha Music

From a technical standpoint, Lingoccha boasts impressive credentials. Manojh Reddy handles the cinematography while Viplav Nyshadh is the editor.

Popular music composer Because Raj of Uppena fame has scored the songs and background music. The audio album is expected to be a major highlight.

Overall, the technical and music departments appear solid and will elevate Anand Bada’s vision as director.

A Realistic and Relatable Love Story

Lingoccha aims to differentiate itself from larger-than-life commercial potboilers. It chronicles the romance between Shiva and Noorjahan in an authentic, relatable manner. Set in a small town, their love story represents innocent middle-class desires.

In an interview, director Anand Bada revealed that the crux lies in how tragedies can abruptly end the most sincere of love stories. By focusing on realism and showcasing the pair’s emotional journey, the movie will strike a chord with viewers.

The love story hits on the universal themes of passion, heartbreak, missed opportunities, and longing for closure. Telugu audiences looking for content-driven cinema will find this romantic drama engaging.

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How to Download Lingoccha Movie in HD

Lingoccha will be available to download legally on online streaming platforms after its theatrical run.

To download the movie in HD quality, viewers can:

  • Check platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube Movies etc after release.
  • Select the purchase or rent option in HD resolution.
  • Download it via the website or mobile app.
  • Enjoy the movie on your preferred device.

Refrain from using illegal torrent sites or platforms to download the movie. It is advised to support the filmmakers and access the movie only through official channels.

How to Watch Lingoccha Movie Online

Lingoccha is expected to release on OTT platforms like Aha, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc post its theatrical run.

To watch the movie online, viewers can:

  • Search for the movie on the platform after its OTT release.
  • Choose the subscription or rental option to unlock access.
  • Stream the movie on website or app in HD quality.
  • Watch as per applicable rental periods or during subscription validity.

Viewers should avoid any unauthorized websites or apps to watch the movie. Stick to official OTT platforms for a safe viewing experience.

Lingoccha Movie Ticket Discounts and Offers

Here are some potential discounts that viewers can avail on Lingoccha’s movie tickets:

BookMyShow50% off on first 3 bookings
PaytmGet 25% cashback up to ₹100 on 2 tickets
Amazon Pay30% off up to ₹75 on first txn

To redeem these offers, customers can use promo codes on ticket booking platforms or check for deals on respective payment apps like Paytm, Amazon Pay etc.

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Booking tickets online via credit cards can also provide additional discounts or cashbacks. Check for any applicable card offers before making the payment.

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With its unique narrative structure intertwining past and present, Lingoccha promises an immersive cinematic experience. Backed by passionate performances and a soulful musical score, the realistic love story will resonate with viewers. Director Anand Bada brings an interesting vision that could offer a refreshing break from formulaic Telugu romances. If you like creative storytelling exploring relationships and human connections, Lingoccha is a movie to look forward to this October 2023.

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