Martin Luther King Movie

Martin Luther King is an Telugu political satire film directed by debutant Puja Kolluru. It is a remake of the 2020 Tamil movie Mandela starring Yogi Babu. The story revolves around a local cobbler in a village called Padamarapadu whose fate takes an unexpected turn when he becomes the deciding vote in the village elections. This quirky premise forms the basis for a lighthearted yet thoughtful exploration of democracy, power, and social change at the grassroots level. ibomma is telugu movie review web platform.

Martin Luther King Cast and Crew


Sampoornesh BabuLead Actor
Naresh Vijay KrishnaSupporting Actor


Puja KolluruDirector
S. SashikanthProducer
Chakravarthy RamachandraProducer
Madonne AshwinWriter
Smaran SaiMusic Composer

What Makes Martin Luther King Film Special

Martin Luther King brings a novel concept to Telugu cinema by using humor and satire to highlight important social issues. While many movies focus on larger-than-life protagonists and grand sociopolitical themes, this film zooms in on the microcosm of a single village election. It shows how democracy works at the grassroots in a lighthearted yet thought-provoking manner.

The movie also marks the directorial debut of Puja Kolluru, who brings a fresh perspective as a female director in a male-dominated industry. Her vision and execution of translating the original Tamil story into a Telugu setting will be an interesting aspect for viewers to look forward to.

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Overall, the focus on everyday people and provincial politics told through the lens of comedy makes Martin Luther King an entertainingly unique offering in Telugu cinema.

Martin Luther King Movie Positive Reviews from Preview Screenings

In the days leading up to its theatrical release, the makers of Martin Luther King held preview screenings in several cities including Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Nellore, Warangal and Kurnool. The audience reactions from these screenings have been overwhelmingly positive.

Director Puja Kolluru share that she was initially nervous about piracy but is relieve to see the viewers abide by the no-recording request. Many in the audience were seen wearing paper crowns during moments when they felt represente by the narrative. This was an emotional experience for the director who could see firsthand the film’s impact and connection with the people.

The public previews seem to validate the belief that Telugu audiences are ready for and will appreciate this genre-bending political satire that throws the spotlight on democratic processes at the grassroots level. The film has garnered praise for its novel concept, balancing of humor and social commentary, and representation of the common man’s perspective.

How to Watch Martin Luther King Movie

In Theaters

Martin Luther King is scheduled for a theatrical release on October 27, 2023 across India. Moviegoers can book tickets at major cinema chains like INOX, PVR, Carnival, and more. As an indie movie from a young team, it may release on a limited screen count. So booking tickets early is advisable for fans who want the big-screen experience.

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Online Streaming

After the theatrical run, Martin Luther King is expect to be available on major OTT/streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5, Aha and more. The streaming rights are yet to be announce by the producers.

There are no authorized online streaming sources for the movie currently. Viewers are advise to watch the film only through legitimate channels and not resort to illegal uploads or piracy websites.

How to Download Martin Luther King Movie

Martin Luther King will be available to download through legal online streaming platforms after its theatrical release. However, users are strictly advised against downloading any leaked copies from unauthorized websites. Piracy is a major threat to small creative ventures and should be avoided at all costs to support the makers.

To download the movie legally, one can follow these steps when it releases online:

  • Search for the movie title on authorized platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube Movies etc.
  • Select the purchase or rental option for HD quality.
  • Proceed with the payment via credit card, debit card, net banking or other available modes.
  • Download the movie via the platform’s app or website on a device of your choice.
  • Enjoy your downloaded copy as per applicable terms and licenses.

Refrain from visiting torrent sites or other illegal sources. The makers have ensured an accessible release across theaters and online platforms. So let’s appreciate their effort and hard work by responsibly accessing the movie only through proper channels.

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With its novel storyline and emphasis on grassroots-level democracy, Martin Luther King promises to offer a unique cinematic experience blending political satire with humor. Early reactions indicate the film has managed to hit the right notes with underneath messages conveyed entertainingly. Director Puja Kolluru brings a fresh directorial vision along with a predominantly female crew. For Telugu audiences looking beyond the usual commercial fare, Martin Luther King could be the perfect option releasing this October 2023.

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