105 Minutes Movie

105 Minutes, the latest Telugu film directed by Raju Dussa, is an experimental psychological thriller that pushes cinematic boundaries. Shot incredibly in a single continuous take with just one actor on screen, this edge-of-the-seat movie offers a truly immersive viewing experience. Starring Hansika Motwani in the lead, it keeps audiences engaged right till the breathtaking finale.

Daring Single-Take Storyline

The film’s narrative unfolds in real time as we follow a popular actress Meera (Hansika Motwani) over the course of 105 tense minutes. As Meera waits alone in her apartment for her driver before leaving for an event, strange things start happening around her.

105 minutes telugu full hd movie

Sinister events, mysterious messages, and hidden secrets slowly begin to unravel, transforming what was a normal evening into a nightmare for Meera. She finds herself running for her life in what becomes a matter of survival within the confines of her own home.

Executed through long tracking shots and claustrophobic framing, the storyline maintains edge-of-the-seat tension while revealing dark truths. The single-take format places us right there with Meera, experiencing each moment in real time.

Hansika Motwani – Carrying the Film on Her Shoulders

As the only character seen on screen, Hansika Motwani delivers an astonishingly committed performance. She conveys the gamut of emotions Meera goes through as her circumstances spiral out of control. Shock, fear, resilience, grit, panic – Motwani portrays it all with absolute conviction.

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The physical rigor required for the non-stop shoot is also impressive. Motwani proves her acting mettle by immersing herself completely into the character while maintaining intensity throughout the runtime. This is a career-defining role delivered by her.

Claustrophobic Visuals Enhance the Suspense

The confined setting of an apartment is used skillfully by director Raju Dussa to create tension visually. The long tracking shots through its rooms and corridors make us feel trapped along with Meera.

Clever framing through mirrors, doorways and other structures lend a voyeuristic angle at times when Meera is being watched by hidden cameras. The shadowy low-lit visuals add to the sinister atmosphere. Extreme close-ups highlight Meera’s fear and paranoia.

The fluid camerawork maintains nail-biting tension, following Meera closely through her ordeal without cuts. The claustrophobic visuals make the viewing experience highly unsettling.

Rave Reviews for This Experimental Thriller

105 Minutes has received high praise from critics for pulling off the incredibly challenging single-take format. They hailed it as a gripping cinematic experiment that keeps audiences hooked.

105 minutes psychological movie

Reviewers lauded the claustrophobic set design and camerawork in generating edge-of-the-seat suspense. Hansika Motwani’s performance also came in for unanimous appreciation as physically and emotionally demanding.

The screenplay was praised for its well-timed twists and turns revealed through the real-time storytelling. Most critics agreed 105 Minutes is a must-watch for the sheer audacity of its narrative concept and technical execution.

Why 105 Minutes Stands Out as a Unique Theatrical Experience

Innovative single-take format – It’s the first Indian film attempted in this daring style that relies completely on precise choreography.

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Hansika Motwani’s acting – She carries the film solo with an incredibly nuanced performance.

Immersive experience – The real-time storytelling technique and sustained tension make us feel like participants.

claustrophobic visuals – The confined setting and fluid camerawork create an unsettling, voyeuristic atmosphere.

Unpredictable twists – Just when you think you’ve figured it out, the story takes a surprising turn in this clever thriller.

For its experimental narrative style and edge-of-the-seat suspense, 105 Minutes delivers an intensely cinematic experience unlike anything seen before.

How to Watch 105 Minutes Online

Here are the streaming platforms offering 105 Minutes:

Netflix – Watch in HD quality with subtitles in multiple languages.

Amazon Prime Video – Get the movie by purchasing or renting on demand in HD.

ZEE5 – Catch the world digital premiere only on ZEE5. Available as part of subscription.

YouTube Movies – Rent or purchase in HD quality.

iTunes – Download in HD to watch on Apple devices.

Google Play Movies – Rent or buy in HD/SD quality on Android/iOS devices.

Hungama Play – Stream in HD with subscription pack.

While multiple platforms provide paid options to watch the film online, stay away from illegal streaming sites to enjoy the best viewing experience.

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Final Verdict – A Must-Watch Cinematic Marvel

With its daring single-take execution, 105 Minutes raises the bar for innovative Indian cinema. This claustrophobic thriller keeps us tense until the very end through its immersive storytelling and visuals. Hansika Motwani delivers a stellar solo performance at the centre of it all.

For attempting such a technically and creatively challenging narrative style, Raju Dussa deserves praise for breaking new ground. Backed by clever writing and a haunting background score, 105 Minutes is surely one of the most unique theatrical experiences you will have.

Don’t miss the chance to catch this edge-of-the-seat psychological thriller in theatres or online. This is contemporary Indian cinema at its inventive best!